Morning Yoga Lessons

Morning Yoga Lessons 

Available days:  

  • Tuesday 10 September 2024 (Power Yoga)  
  • Wednesday 11 September 2024 (Hatha Yoga)  
  • Thursday 12 September 2024 (Yoga focused on a healthy back) 

Start time: 6:30 

Duration: 50 min 

Location: O2 universum 

Price: €14 (Price is subject to change and will be confirmed based on the final number of attendees) 

Accessibility: Not suggested for those with mobility aids  

Morning yoga lesson with a professional English speaking yoga instructor. Yoga mats will be provided. 

Each morning you can enjoy different lesson (Power yoga/Hatha yoga /Yoga focused on a healthy back). Cloakrooms and showers are not provided. Start your summit day with this energy booster! 

POWER YOGA - Tuesday 10 September 2024 

Power yoga evolved from Hatha Yoga but is physically more demanding and focused on stretching and conditioning of the whole body. The transitions between asanas are dynamic, with a focus on strength and mobility. Power Yoga develops concentration, increases awareness of, aiming to aid weight loss and maintain a healthy bodyweight.  

HATHA YOGA - Wednesday 11 September 

The class starts with relaxation and warm-up exercises to get your body ready for asana practice. The focus is on the breath, correct practice and time spent in every asana. Short breaks in between the positions allow you to rest, let the asana subside and increase its effect. Every class finishes with relaxation. 

YOGA FOCUSED ON A HEALTHY BACK - Thursday 12 September 2024 

This class aims to relax your painful back, stretch any tight muscles and strengthen those that need it to create better support for your spine. We alternate yoga exercises, asanas, physiotherapy practices, working with props and relaxation. We work on understanding and practising the function of breathing and conscious relaxing.  

As part of GES programme we are offering various social events that you can choose to opt in for. These events will be organised only if the minimum required capacity is reached, and will come at an additional cost. During the registration process, please select on the Online Registration Form any social functions that you are interested in (this process is initially to gauge interest only). Should there be enough demand and the minimum capacity reached, we will contact you with more details and request that you complete the social event registration and make payment.