Concert in Klementinum

Concert in the Mirror chapel of Klementinum – organs + singer + trumpet 

Available day: Monday 9 September 2024 

Start time: 20:00 

Duration: 50 min 

Location: Mirror chapel of Klementinum (Křižovnické nám. 1040/4, 110 00 Staré Město

Price: €10 (Price is subject to change and will be confirmed based on the final number of attendees) 

Accessibility:  Wheelchair accessible  

Thanks to its richly designed interior with its impressive combination of marble, mirrors, gilded stucco decoration, frescoes and paintings, the Mirror Chapel is one of the greatest treasures of the Klementinum. The chapel, originally consecrated to the Annunciation of Our Lady, was later given its present name because of the unusually copious use of mirrors in its decoration, not only on the walls but also on the vault. It was built by the Latin Major Marian Sodality at their own expense in the years 1722-1726. Two Baroque organs, the masterpieces of the organ builders of the 18th century, belong to the unique furnishing of the chapel. Original is the organ on the organ loft, constructed probably in 1732 by the Jesuit organ-builder Tomáš Schwarz.  

Join this beautiful concert of organ and trumpet accompanied by a singer in the unique atmosphere of the Mirror chapel. 

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