Bars and Clubs

Clubs and Bars

Experience the vibrant nightlife of Prague with our guide to the best clubs and bars in the city. From stylish cocktail bars to lively music clubs, there's something for everyone to enjoy after dark.


Lucerna Music Bar

Lucerna Music Bar is one of the most important venues in the Czech Republic. It is situated in Lucerna passage just a few blocks from the middle of Wenceslas Square. The venue hosts concerts of live bands during the week and 80s/90s themed discotheques on Friday and Saturday nights. The club also offers VIP tickets for the area located upstairs.

Website: Official site of Lucerna Music Bar

Accessibility: Possibility to reserve a place on the balcony but there is no wheelchair accessible toilet.

Genre: Pop music

Source: wikipedia


Roxy is a stylish art-deco architecture venue where you can find a setting for world-class concerts, wild dance parties, or social events. The first floor also houses the NoD café gallery bar and theatre. The typical genres for concerts are House, Techno, and Drum’n’bass.

Website: Official site of Roxy

Opening Hours: Daily 19:00–early morning

Accessibility: See more on official sites

Genres: House, Techno, & Drum’n’bass

Rock Café

Rock Café is a popular music bar in Prague. The Club is divided into sections; the bar/CD shop where you can buy metal and underground music or book tickets and the main stage. This multimedia space hosts live concerts, theatre, cinema, and gallery events.

Website: Official site of Rock Café

Opening Hours: Monday–Friday 10:00–03:00; Saturday 17:00–03:00; Sunday 17:00–01:00

Accessibility: Not wheelchair accessible

Genres: Rock

Karlovy Lázně

Karlovy Lázně is the largest facility of its kind in Central Europe. Each floor is uniquely designed and highlights a different genre of music. The club is located 100m away from Charles Bridge and has been opened since 1999.

Website: Official site of Karlovy Lázně

Opening Hours: Sunday–Wednesday 21:00–04:00; Thursday–Saturday 21:00–05:00

Accessibility: The club has wheelchair access but they would need more information about the number of guests as they only have one lift and need special staff to operate it during the evening.


Hemingway Bar

Hemingway bar is a cocktail bar inspired by Ernest Hemingway. The bar is famous for its mixed drinks and innovative take on classic cocktails. Visitors can try drinks such as the Hemingway Daiquiri or the Papa Doble. The bar is also known for selling Hemingway’s favourite drinks such as Absinthe, rum, and champagne.

Website: Official site of Hemingway Bar

Opening Hours: Monday–Thursday 17:00–01:00; Friday 17:00–02:00; Saturday 19:00–02:00; Sunday 19:00–01:00

Accessibility: See more on official sites

Terasa U Prince

Terasa U Prince is a rooftop bar at Hotel U Prince, a UNESCO-listed landmark in the Old Town Square. Drinks-wise, Terasa U Prince has a wide selection of white, red, rosé, champagne, and cocktails. It also offers an impressive list of salads, pasta, charcoal grilled meat, and seafood.

Website: Official site of Terasa U Prince

Opening Hours: Daily 09:00–23:00

Accessibility: The restaurant on the roof terrace is not wheelchair accessible. The restaurant can offer it on the ground floor.

Ice pub

ICEPUB PRAGUE is situated in the largest music club in central Europe – Karlovy Lázně (listed above). This means that if you would like to visit ICEPUB PRAGUE during the evenings, you can also experience the fantastic atmosphere of the most visited music club in Czech republic! You can enjoy delicious vodka cocktails – ice sweet, ice sour, ice bitter or you can have Extra Cold Beer by Heineken.
In ICEPUB PRAGUE the temperature is kept at minus 7 degrees all year round!


Opening Hours: Daily 12:00–21:00 and 21:00-05:00

Accessibility: See more on official sites