Evidence synthesis of costs and economic components in systematic reviews of health and social interventions meeting

Friday 15 September 2017 - 07:30 to 08:45


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Campbell and Cochrane


Organisers: Campbell Collaboration, and Campbell & Cochrane Economic Methods Group (CCEMG) The objectives of this panel session will be to share views on the the importance of including an economic perspective within systematic reviews, methodological considerations based on their ongoing work in use of economic evaluation within systematic reviews, and approaches that Cochrane and Campbell could learn from each other. The session will start with the moderator setting the scene by introducing the session to the group, and on the value of integrating economic evidence in systematic reviews. The following questions would be presented to each of the panellists for their responses: i) Why and when is it important to consider health economics as part of any systematic reviews? ii) What are the current approaches towards integrating economic evidence in Campbell reviews? iii) What approaches have Cochrane used to integrate economic evidence in its reviews? iv) What lessons can be learnt from the work on integrating economic evidence of Cochrane in Campbell Reviews? Are the methods used in Cochrane transferable? What needs to be modified? The session will follow, coordinated by the moderator, with Q&A with participants and also invite participants to provide recommendations for improving the integration of EE evidence within systematic reviews and social program assessment. In the end, the moderator will summarize the lessons learnt through the discussions and recommendations from audience.