Supporting trainers in evidence synthesis: Building a stronger community


Workshop session 7: Friday, 11:00-12:30

Workshop category: 

  • Improving conduct and reporting of syntheses (including teaching and learning)


Date and Location


Friday 15 September 2017 - 11:00 to 12:30


Contact persons and facilitators

Contact person:


Miranda Cumpston
Sue Huckson
Zachary Munn
Nancy Santesso
Holger Schunemann
Dario Sambunjak


Watts C1, White H2
1 Learning & Support Department, Cochrane Central Executive Team, UK
2 The Campbell Collaboration, Egypt
Target audience

Target audience: 

Trainers and those who coordinate programs of training in evidence synthesis

Level of difficulty: 

Type of workshop

Type of workshop : 



Objectives: To share perspectives on supporting training communities across organisations involved in evidence synthesis, identify good practice and shared challenges, and identify a programme of collaborative activities to share resources and address those challenges.
Description: Cochrane, the Campbell Collaboration, the Joanna Briggs Institute, G-I-N and the GRADE Working Group share a commitment to capacity-building and training in aspects of evidence-synthesis methods and knowledge translation. Trainers and others involved in co-ordinating training programmes will be brought together in this collaborative workshop. Participants will learn about and discuss the different approaches taken to the recruitment, organisation, curriculum, trainer support and accreditation across training programmes in these five organisations through a series of 5-minute presentations highlighting key issues.
Interspersed with these presentations, we will break into small groups (15 minutes each) to discuss:
• Ensuring consistency of training content
• Delivering train the trainer and other support across disseminated networks
• Ensuring quality of delivery & accreditation of trainers
• Opportunities for collaboration & resource sharing across organisations
These discussions will focus on identifying practical approaches that can be shared across organisations to achieve good practice, and identifying actions that can be taken forward after the workshop to support ongoing collaboration.