Stipends and bursaries

A limited number of stipends and bursaries to help cover registration, travel costs, accommodation, and other expenses associated with attending the Global Evidence Summit are available for eligible applicants.

Global Evidence Summit stipends

A number of stipends will be made available for eligible applicants.

Information about these stipends will be made available on the 1 March, the deadline for applications will be 30 April.

Campbell Collaboration bursaries

The Campbell Collaboration will, with the support of the Netherlands Ministry for Foreign Affairs, provide bursaries for up to ten participants who are nationals of, and working or studying in, sub Saharan Africa. This support will cover the Summit registration fee and, where required, economy airfare and hotel. No per diem will paid, and additional costs, e.g. visa, have to be paid by the participant or their employer. For more details please see:

Call for applications: open
Deadline for applications: 9 May

Joanna Briggs Institute stipends

During the Global Evidence Summit, The Joanna Briggs Institute stipend programme for Centres of Excellence will be coordinated by the JBI Collaboration Support Unit. Contact: for further details.