Vasee Moorthy


Infectious diseases physician, immunologist, and product developer


Dr Vasee Moorthy is an infectious diseases physician, immunologist and product developer, with previous experience working as a clinical lecturer at the University of Oxford, for PATH in the USA, and as a general medical officer at HlabisaHospital, Kwazulu-Natal, South Africa. His current position at WHO is as both Team Lead for the data sharing and target product profile workstreams of the R&D Blueprint, and also as Coordinator, Research, Ethics, Knowledge Uptake at the Department of Information, Evidence, Research at WHO HQ. He acted as Phase 1-2 Vaccines Team Lead in the Ebola R&D Team during the 2014-2015 Emergency, coordinating many clinical trials in North America, Europe and Africa. Dr Moorthy qualified as a physician with an undergraduate degree from the University of Cambridge and a clinical medicine degree from the University of Oxford, UK. He has a PhD in immunology gained during 3 years based at MRC Laboratories in The Gambia.