Jonathan Sharples


Senior Researcher, Education Endowment Foundation, UK


“The Global Evidence Summit promises to be a fantastic opportunity to draw together people from a wide range of sectors who are interested in evidence-based policy and practice. I am looking forward to learning from colleagues, sharing ideas and exploring how we can collaborate on common goals.”

Professor Sharples is a Senior Researcher at the Education Endowment Foundation, seconded from the Institute of Education at University College London, where he is exploring schools’ use of research evidence.  Jonathan works with schools and policy makers across the sector to promote evidence-informed practice, and spread knowledge of ‘what works’ in teaching and learning. He writes evidence-based guidance for schools and works with practitioners to scale-up effective practices.

Jonathan previously worked at The Institute for the Future of the Mind at the University of Oxford, where he was looking at how insights from brain-science research can support teachers’ expertise and professional development. Prior to this he worked as a secondary school science teacher in Sydney. He is the author of Evidence for the Frontline, a report published by the Alliance for Useful Evidence that outlines the elements of a functioning evidence system.

Plenary title: Developing an evidence ecosystem - reflections from education

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