From reviews to guidelines and point-of-care evidence use

This session is linked to Plenary 2: BREAKING DOWN THE SILOS: Digital and trustworthy evidence ecosystem


  1. To increase participants’ understanding of how data from systematic reviews can be used in guidelines, in a way that increases transparency, efficiency and facilitates updates.
  2. To highlight work done and tools created to improve the links between systematic reviews and guidelines, as well as disseminating evidence point of care.
  3. To increase participants’ understanding of how new approaches to guideline dissemination are contributing to evidence ecosystems.
  4. To give participants the opportunity to discuss challenges in the path from systematic reviews to guidelines and point-of-care use of evidence with an international expert panel and their peers.

This session will highlight the challenges of disseminating evidence to patients and clinicians point of care, how links between systematic reviews and guidelines can be improved, and examples of tools and dissemination strategies. It will also allow an opportunity for discussion and debate about how substantive progress can be made.

The session will consist of an introduction, and four 15-minute talks, each followed by 5-minute questions from audience. The four talks will be:

  1. Data from systematic reviews and their use in guidelines -  Zachary Munn.
  2. From evidence to well-informed decisions in policy and practice – Romina Brignardello Petersen.
  3. Presentation formats for evidence at the point of care - Ton Kuijpers.
  4. Evidence used for shared decision making – Thomas Agoritsas.

Participants need no prior knowledge of the topic area to benefit from attending.


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Type of session: 

Special session

Other contributors:

Brandt L1
1 University of Oslo, Norway


Thursday 14 September 2017 - 14:00 to 15:30