Refugee crisis in health and society

This session is linked to Plenary 3: EVIDENCE FOR EMERGING CRISES: How international collaboration and innovation can solve global humanitarian crises, such as Ebola


1-Coordination of health services for refugees: engaging stakeholders in the process

Presenter: Dr. Fadi El-Jardali       

Brief description: This will presentation will start by a brief overview of the mechanisms and state of provision of health services to refugee in the setting of Lebanon. It will then describe the mechanism of engaging stakeholders in the evidence cycle: from priority setting exercise, to systematic reviews, to policy dialogue. It will end with a discussion of lessons learned.

2-The food and nutrition security status of Syrian refugees during the current protracted crisis

Presenter: Dr. Lamis Jomaa

Brief description: This presentation will address the impact of the current protracted Syrian crisis on the food security status of refugees and their host Lebanese communities, with a particular focus on vulnerable groups, primarily mothers and children.  In addition, the presentation will include a discussion of the evidence-base needed to develop policy-level strategies and public health interventions that can address the needs of these vulnerable groups during such complex, protracted crises. Highlights from research studies and case examples will be provided to serve as lessons learned for similar humanitarian crises.

3-Building Responsive Health Systems to Help Communities Affected by Migration

Presenter: Dr. Kevin Pottie

Brief description: Health systems need to be responsive and adaptable to the needs of persons affected by migration. This presentation will review policy approaches that could improve health systems for populations affected by migration. It will particularly focus on the process of developing guidance on prevention and assessment of infectious diseases among newly arrived migrants to the European Union.


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To understand the challenges of generating and using evidence to improve the lives of refugees and host communities, and how that evidence could contribute to future crises, in the setting of the Syrian conflict.


Friday 15 September 2017 - 11:00 to 12:30