Plenaries and speakers

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The Global Evidence Summit is intended as an inter-sectoral and multi-disciplinary event exchanging ideas about how we best generate, summarize and communicate evidence to inform policy and practice worldwide. 

The five plenary sessions will feature regional and international speakers addressing key issues that will highlight and promote evidence-based approaches to target resources to what works. We anticipate input from a multitude of perspectives including education, social and criminal justice, environmental and gender health, health systems and clinical care and practice.

Following each plenary, there will be a number of special sessions that match the plenary theme. These sessions will continue discussions and the exchange of ideas. Further information about the special sessions will be published after May 1st.

Speaker details will be added soon.

Plenary 1: Evidence from Africa

Wednesday 13 September, 9-10.30am

The objectives of this plenary are to understand how the African continent deals with evidence from policy to practice, through examples and overview of networks and activities.

Plenary 2: Digital and trustworthy evidence ecosystem

Thursday 14 September, 9-10.30am

This plenary will set out to understand how explicit links between actors is needed - and now possible - to close the loop between new evidence and improved care, through a culture for sharing evidence combined with advances in methods and technology/platforms for digital data.

Plenary 3: Evidence for emergent crises

Friday 15 September, 9-10.30am

To understand how evidence generated through international collaboration and innovations can solve emergent global crises and what is needed to prepare for future epidemics, using Ebola as an example.

Plenary 4: Evidence in a post-truth world

Saturday 16 September, 9-10.30am

Plenary 5: Evidence for equity

Saturday 16 September, 4-5.30pm