Introducing Cochrane Global Mental Health: Improving the impact of Cochrane Mental Health in low- and middle-income countries

This session is intended as an introduction to Cochrane Global Mental Health and will provide an opportunity for participants to engage in our work.

The session will promote the activities of Cochrane Global Mental Health (Cochrane GMH). The current plans of GMH will be outlined, followed by questions, comments and suggestions from the floor. Using 'World Café' methodology We will seek early stakeholder input on priority topics from participants to help identify initial priorities for knowledge mobilisation activities, as well as identifying key topics for new or updated reviews. We also wish to identify potential partners and collaborators in Africa and other low- and middle-income countries.


Target audience: 

Users (policy makers, healthcare practitioners, healthcare consumers and the public) and producers (researchers and research funders) of mental health evidence syntheses based in LMICs. No specialist knowledge is required (basic).

Type of session: 

This session will present the plans for Cochrane Global Mental Health, a newly formed collaboration between the five Cochrane Mental Health Groups and collaborators from low- and middle-income countries. Some preparatory work will be undertaken to provide participants with an overview of topics already covered by Cochrane Mental Health reviews, and we will use the opportunity to engage with participants about potential priorities for topics or resources for implementation using ‘World Café’ methodology.

Other contributors:


Thursday 14 September 2017 - 16:00 to 17:30