Increasing value and reducing waste in research: Towards an evidence-based research approach

The aim of this session is to further initiatives towards reducing waste in research, such as the REWARD Alliance and the EBRNetwork. More specifically:

  1. Participants will enhance their knowledge and understanding of research waste and evidence-based research. 
  2. Participants will contribute to the long-term vision of how to reduce research waste and promote evidence-based research. 
  3. Participants will identify opportunities to become involved in strategies to reduce research waste and promote evidence-based research. 
  4. Participants will understand the role all stakeholder groups play in reducing research waste and promoting evidence-based research.

The REWARD Alliance identified that 85% of research is wasted, usually because it asks the wrong questions, is badly designed, not published, and/or poorly reported. In turn, this diminishes the value of research and represents an important financial loss. A first step towards increasing the value of research and reducing waste is to monitor the issues, raise awareness of these, and develop and implement solutions. The EBRNetwork was established to address the issues around initiating new research and putting new results into context.

The network advocates for the following principles:

  • No new research studies without prior systematic review of existing evidence.
  • Efficient production, updating and accessibility of systematic reviews.


Target audience: 

Stakeholders relevant for the evidence-based research approach: Researchers, ethics committee members, members of funding agencies, journal editors and reviewers, educators, patients and consumers, information specialists and librarians.

Type of session: 

Different views exist about how to characterise, raise awareness, develop and implement strategies to address these principles across organisations, contexts and cultures. This session will therefore be a forum for the sharing of knowledge and ideas for reducing research waste and promoting evidence-based research. Facilitators will engage participants in an interactive Q&A, as well as small and large group discussions, to inspire a long-term vision for reducing waste through evidence-based research, acknowledge the enablers and challenges, and identify strategies to achieve this long-term goal. The session will conclude with a summary of future directions, by Paul Glasziou (REWARD Alliance) and Hans Lund (EBRNetwork), for how the REWARD Alliance, the EBRNetwork, and interested participants can work together towards reducing research waste.



Other contributors:

Bogh Juhl C1
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Wednesday 13 September 2017 - 11:00 to 12:30