Future directions for Cochrane Information Specialists: The new Cochrane Review production ecosystem (CLOSED SESSION)


The life cycle of a Cochrane Review involves an increasing number of tools and systems, but it still relies on people. Cochrane information specialists are key contributors so in this workshop we aim to explore their role in the new Cochrane Review ecosystem. Information specialists serve a critical function in data curation, by performing curation tasks themselves, but also by informing the development of tools and workflows that facilitate these efforts. This all-day training event and discussion workshop will follow a set of records that enter this new ecosystem and are processed by both machines, the crowd and Information Specialists using a variety of tools.

Charting this course will provide an opportunity to learn about, discuss and contribute to the future development of the following projects and tools:

  • Centralised Search Service
  • Cochrane Crowd
  • CRS Web (CRSW)
  • RCT and other classifiers based on machine learning
  • Linked Data PICO Annotator, QA Dashboard, Concept Browser, and Vocabulary Editor
  • HarmoniSR standards
  • And how the above interact with the larger ecosystem including Covidence, EPPI-Reviewer, RevMan Web and other tools

The interplay between these various tools and services presents an opportunity for efficiency gains in the management of study identification and description. The time-saving potential of the RCT classifier, links between CRSW and Cochrane Crowd which will facilitate screening on demand, and the ability to connect seamlessly with other review-production tools like Covidence and EPPI, can all improve our editorial processes. PICO annotation can enrich our datasets making them more useful for review production and evidence synthesis, as well as improving discoverability in our end-user products. Input from the Cochrane Information Specialist community is essential in ensuring that all these systems and tools work together optimally and support existing and emerging workflows. The day will include hands-on training with CRSW and the PICO Annotation tools, but it is also an opportunity for participants to reflect and provide new ideas on how these tools and the new workflows can support the work of Cochrane Information Specialists, and their groups, centres or fields, now and in the future.


Tuesday 12 September 2017 - 09:00 to 17:30



The Cullinan Hotel, Cape Town

Other contributors:

Cox S1, Littlewood A2, Salzwedel D3
1 Cochrane ENT, UK
2 Cochrane Oral Health, UK
3 Cochrane Hypertension, Canada

Target audience: 

Cochrane Information Specialists

Type of session: 

Discussion & practical workshop