A dialog with funders: What approaches and activities ensure research achieves its expected impact?

[Old title: Global funding: Multi-agency approaches to knowledge translation/research uptake into action or bringing the research community into the policy decision-making process]


Share how funders work to support evidence uptake so that it has an impact.  Different approaches and perspectives. This includes:

  • Knowledge synthesis, creation of policy briefs, knowledge translation activities,  bringing policy makers and knowledge managers together.
  • Collaboration and coordination between funders

Faclitate discussion to explore additional approaches, challenges and needs of the evidence community to ensure evidence uptake.

Help build a base of knowledge of best practice, tools, & case studies that can have a positive impact on current and future programmes. 


This session will present various ways in which funders are ensuring impact in research investment.  What works? What are the ways in which funders engage with the evidence community both to support the most relevant and high quality primary research and evidence synthesis? What are   funders doing to ensure the maximum impacts through pooling resource and supporting knowledge translation initiatives to inform guidelines, decision aids, implementation, and quality improvement. 

What tools and activities faciliatate the translation of research evidence into policy and practice? 

A panel with representatives from global funders will briefly present examples of approaches to knowledge translation that aim to ensure the benefits of research are accessible, available and can be used by health care providers, policymakers and patients.

This will be followed by a number of questions intended to start a robust dialog about additional approaches, what else can funders do, and how best to engage the evidence community to ensure impact. 

The session aims to:

  1. Showcase current approaches to research and evidence uptake
  2. Stimulate learning about some specific initiatives
  3. Increase insight into funders efforts to support knowledge translation into policy
  4. Discuss challenges and barriers with a view to finding solutions
  5. Discuss tools and activities that work
  6. Share and explore additional ideas or examples of how best to ensure evidence uptake
  7. Build the overall knowledge base on steps to ensure impact


Target audience: 

Researchers, Ethics Committee Members, Members of Funding Agencies, Policymakers and other evidence users, Journal Editors and Reviewers, Educators, Patients and Consumers, Information Specialists and Librarians

Type of session: 

Presentation and followed by a few questions to generate discussion.

Other contributors:

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Thursday 14 September 2017 - 14:00 to 15:30