Call for abstracts

Submission is now closed

The call for abstracts is open. Abstracts for oral presentations and posters are invited in areas relevant to the work of Cochrane, Guidelines International Network (G-I-N), Campbell Collaboration, Joanna Briggs Institute, and the International Society for Evidence-based Health Care (ISEHC). We encourage anyone who has an interest in evidence production, systematic reviews, research synthesis, and evidence-informed policy and practice to submit abstracts to this year's first ever Global Evidence Summit. 

The Summit is intended as an inter-sectoral and multi-disciplinary event exchanging ideas about how we best generate, summarize and communicate evidence to inform policy and practice. We anticipate input from a multitude of perspectives including education, social policy and practice, criminal justice, environment, gender, health, health systems and clinical care and practice. 

Submissions are invited in the following categories:

  • Evidence production: Abstracts concerning primary research production
    • Priority setting for primary research to meet global priorities
    • Global health, equity, social and economic policy and practice
    • Real world evidence (pragmatic trials, big data)
    • Improving conduct and reporting of primary research (including teaching and learning)
    • Consumer and patient involvement in primary research
    • Funding primary research
  • Evidence synthesis: Abstracts concerning different forms of research synthesis: overviews, scoping reviews, systematic reviews, etc.
    • Priority setting for syntheses to meet global priorities
    • Global health, equity, social and economic policy and practice
    • Methods for conducting syntheses (including different evidence, searching and information retrieval, statistics, assessing methodological quality)
    • Improving conduct and reporting of syntheses (including teaching and learning)
    • Synthesis creation, publication and updating in the digital age
    • Consumer and patient involvement in syntheses
    • Funding syntheses
  • Evidence tools: Abstracts concerning guidelines and other knowledge translation methods and tools
    • Priority setting for evidence tools to meet local and global priorities
    • Evidence literacy, social media, science journalism
    • Evidence tools for consumers and to promote shared decision making
    • Evidence tools for policy makers and civil society
    • Case studies of models for successful engagement with policy and practice
    • Guideline development, adaptation, assessment and updating
    • Health technology assessment
  • Evidence implementation and evaluation: Abstracts concerning getting evidence into policy and practice
    • Priority setting for implementation to meet local and global priorities
    • Enhancing the implementability of evidence tools
    • Design and evaluation of dissemination and implementation programmes
    • Quality improvement methods and performance measures
    • Building capacity for dissemination and implementation
    • Measuring policy and practice impact
    • Advocating for evidence

Deadline for submission of abstracts is 15 March 2017.

How to submit an abstract

Submission is now closed.

Instructions for oral and poster abstracts

  • Abstracts must be submitted online by 15 March.
  • Only abstracts submitted in English will be considered.
  • Abstracts must not be longer than 2200 characters (approx. 300 words).
  • Abstracts should be structured as follows: Background, Objectives, Methods, Results and Conclusions. If your abstract does not fit into this format, please choose alternative headings that are appropriate.
  • The abstract title should not be longer than 20 words.
  • If abbreviations are used, the abbreviated term should be written out in full the first time it is used.
  • Tables and graphs can be submitted with your abstract as an attached image document. Allowed formats are: gif, png, jpg, jpeg, tif, tiff, pdf. Please remember to insert the reference (Table 1, Figure 1, etc.) in the abstract.

Submission of abstracts

You will receive an automated email to acknowledge your abstract submission. (Please allow up to 20 minutes to receive this email.) If you do not receive an email, or if you require any help with submitting your abstract, please email the Co-Chairs of the Abstract Sub-Committee at

Acceptance and notification of abstracts

Acceptance of abstracts into the conference programme will be determined by the relevance, originality, clarity and scientific quality of the submitted work by the abstract committee. At the time of submission you will be asked to indicate a preference for oral or poster presentation, however, the final decision on the type of presentation offered is made by the Abstract Sub-Committee. We aim to notify authors of acceptance or rejection of their submission by 1 May.


All presenters of accepted abstracts are required to register and attend the conference. The organizers reserve the right to withdraw abstracts if presenters have not registered for the Global Evidence Summit by 1 July.

Abstracts Sub-Committee

The Abstracts Sub-Committee Co-Chairs are Solange Durao and Patricia Mc Inerney. They can be contacted at