Using reference manager (Mendeley) in systematic reviews




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da Silva A1, Pedrosa M2
1 Hospital Israelita Albert Einstein, Brazilian Cochrane Centre, Brazil
2 Brazilian Cochrane Centre, Brazil
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Arnaldo Silva

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Abstract text
Background: Reference Managers are software specialised in organising and sort references by some criteria. Mendeley is a free software which could help in organising research as a reference manager and also collaborate with other researchers online with the latest research. There is a possibility to import papers and read from anywhere online.

Objectives: Help researchers to select articles utilising Mendeley. Assessment of data from researchers around the world to find trials.

Search methods: After defining PICO and search strategy researchers could import references from many databases as PUBMED, EBSCO and Science Direct and others.
Researchers can create a folder for a systematic review and create subfolders to insert the results found from any databases. The folders can be shared with other researchers online to decide which paper will continue in the SR.
Mendeley web share references from researchers around the world based on researchers uploads articles on the desktop or the web. The Mendeley group databases have over 30 millions of papers. The utilisation of this resource could increase the possibility of finding more trials to include on the SR.
The process to find papers in Mendeley is the same from the other. The Boolean operators AND, OR and AND NOT could be used.
Mendeley group has continuously made improvements on the site and desktop based on researchers users. The use of SR is a promising future. The intention is an open web library.

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