UpGlossary: Guidance on terminology and definitions for updating clinical guidelines




Long oral session 3: Guideline adaptation and updating


Wednesday 13 September 2017 - 14:00 to 15:30


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Martínez García L1, Pardo-Hernandez H1, McFarlane E2, Sanabria AJ1, Sparrow K2, Alonso-Coello P1, the G-I-N Updating Guidelines Working Group OBO3
1 Iberoamerican Cochrane Centre, Spain
2 National Institute for Health and Care Excellence (NICE), UK, UK
3 G-I-N Updating Working Group, Spain
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Hector Pardo-Hernandez

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Abstract text
Background: One of the challenges in updating clinical guidelines (CG) is the lack of standards in terminology (what do we call it?) and definitions (what does it mean?). This makes it difficult to efficiently identify methodological research, share experiences and identify research gaps.

Objectives: To reach a consensus for terms and definitions in the updating of CGs.

Methods: A Steering Committee was convened to design and co-ordinate this initiative. We invited a panel of experts from institutions developing CGs that belong to the Guidelines International Network (G-I-N) Updating Guidelines Working Group.

The Steering Committee developed an initial list of terms and definitions through brainstorming and discussion, taking into account: 1) research evidence in the field; and, 2) the Steering Committee’s experience. Panel members participated in three written rounds to discuss, refine and clarify the proposed terms and definitions. Finally, panel members will be surveyed to assess consensus regarding the glossary.

Results: Eighteen terms and definitions were proposed: 1) continuous updating; 2) decision to update; 3) editing process; 4) fixed updating; 5) full updating; 6) impact of the new evidence; 7) partial updating; 8) prioritisation process; 9) signal for an update; 10) surveillance process; 11) time of validity; 12) timeframe; 13) tools and resources; 14) up to date; 15) update cycle; 16) update unit; 17) updated version; and, 18) updating strategy.

Thirteen (13/23; 56.5%) members participated in the first consensus process in June 2016, and seventeen (17/34; 50.0%) members in the second round in December 2016. The last round was scheduled for March 2017 and the consensus survey in June 2017. We will present the UpGlossary at the GES.

Conclusions: Developing a glossary for CG updating is a milestone of the G-I-N Updating Guidelines Working Group. The continuous growth of knowledge in this area will provide the basis for future glossary updates.