Updating DataBase: an open access living repository of methodological documents about updating systematic reviews and clinical guidelines




Short oral session 6: Evidence synthesis methods


Thursday 14 September 2017 - 11:00 to 12:30


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Martínez García L1, Pardo-Hernandez H1, Hidalgo Armas L1, Sanabria AJ1, Solà I1, Alonso-Coello P1
1 Iberoamerican Cochrane Centre, Spain
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Hector Pardo-Hernandez

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Background: The volume of scientific information is increasing at an exponential rate. Moreover, the publication of scientific information is spread across hundreds of biomedical journals, in many cases, difficult to access, and offering no guarantee of methodological rigour. It is therefore difficult and inefficient for any potential user to compile what has been published on a given topic.

Objectives: To identify, classify, and share methodological documents about updating systemic reviews (SRs) and clinical guidelines (CGs).

Methods: We conducted searches in MEDLINE (monthly email alert) and Cochrane Methodology Register. In addition, we searched for publications by selected relevant authors (monthly email alert in MEDLINE); references to relevant documents (real-time email alert in Google Scholar); Scientific Resource Centre (SRC) Methods Library (weekly email alert); SuRe Info: Summarized Research in Information Retrieval for HTA; abstracts books from Cochrane Colloquiums and G-I-N Conferences (hand search); reference lists of the included studies (hand search); and, documents referred to by experts in the field.

We included: 1) methodological studies; 2) comments, editorials or letters; 3) methodological guidelines; and, 4) other methodological documents (academic dissertations or protocols). We exclude updated SRs or CGs.

One reviewer screened titles and abstracts and a second reviewer independently checked included documents. Two reviewers independently classified the included documents by: type of publication, type of study design, type of updated document and key words.

Methodological documents are shared with interested stakeholders via an online platform (EndNoteWeb).

Results: We will present methods and up-to-date results of the comprehensive living strategy at the Summit.

Conclusions: We propose a comprehensive living strategy to identify and classify methodological documents about updating SRs and CGs. The Updating DataBase is an ongoing project that will facilitate the search for information about the updating and dissemination of methodological guidance.