Syndrome element diagnostic rating scale of traditional Chinese medicine




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Wednesday 13 September 2017 - 12:30 to 14:00


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Nan Q1, Liu H1
1 Dongzhimen Hospital Beijing University of Chinese Medicine, China
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Qian Nan

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Background:Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) doctors want to promote TCM to the world. Treatment according to syndrome differentiation is the character of TCM and is based on the different experiences of different Chinese Medicine doctors. But the more different treatment according to syndrome differentiation has, the more difficultly Traditional Chinese Medicine promotes.

Objectives: The research on the syndrome element diagnostic rating scale of TCM provides the diagnostic rate, which can help the TCM promoting. We use an example of diabetes mellitus (DM) and diabetic kidney disease (DKD), which is its most important and common complication.

Methods:602 DM&DKD patients were included. Used the frequency method to filter TCM signs, clustering method and factor analysis to analyse the syndrome element from the sings, correlation coefficient method and logistic-regression analysis to find the signs-syndrome belonging relationship. Scaled each sign by logistic regression analysis and diagnostic threshold by ROC curve. 150 DM&DKD patients were used to check the diagnostic rate.

Results:There were 29 signs of TCM after filtering the 61. And clustering method and factor analysis analysed 8 syndrome elements from the signs. After confirming the signs-syndrome belonging relationship and scaling each sign, each syndrome element`s diagnostic threshold, qi deficiency (20), blood deficiency (18), yin deficiency (14), yang deficiency (13), heat syndrome (18), qi stagnation(20), damp-heat (19), blood stasis (9), were scaled. The checkout, the sensitivity (85%-100%), the specificity(76.69%-98.76%) and the correction(79.60%-97.51%), proved the syndrome elements diagnostic rating scale well.

Conclusions:Syndrome element diagnostic rating scale of TCM is an effective and convenient way to reach the TCM. It helps the persons who don`t know TCM well diagnosing syndrome, which is very meaningful to promoting TCM.