Improving the quality of systematic reviews through teaching: The Joanna Briggs Institute Comprehensive Systematic Review Training Program




Poster session 2 Thursday: Evidence synthesis - methods / improving conduct and reporting


Thursday 14 September 2017 - 12:30 to 14:00


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Stern C1, Porritt K1, Munn Z1
1 Joanna Briggs Institute, Australia
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Cindy Stern

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Background: The cornerstone of evidence-based healthcare is the systematic review of international evidence. Systematic reviews follow a rigorous, standardised approach in their conduct and reporting, and as such education and training is essential prior to commencement. The Joanna Briggs Institute (JBI) is one of many organisations that provides systematic review training and has recently revised their approach to training in terms of content, scope and delivery method.

Objectives: To provide an overview of the JBI Comprehensive Systematic Review Training Program (CSRTP) as one example of how to teach people to undertake systematic reviews, and describe how this programme has been adopted internationally.

Methods: Since 2003, the Institute have offered a systematic review training programme. A train-the-trainer programme was established and then rolled out across the globe, resulting in the creation of a global network of systematic review trainers. In 2016 a review and redevelopment of the JBI CSRTP was undertaken, including an evaluation and review of the course. Extensive consultation involving JBI staff and members of the Joanna Briggs Collaboration was undertaken during the 18-month process.

Results: The global training network have now trained thousands of people internationally to undertake systematic reviews of evidence following the JBI approach. This has been achieved through the creation of a train-the-trainer programme and a standardised set of materials. The structure of the course, the introduction of a blended approach, the amount of people trained and the reasons for participants undertaking the course will be discussed. Recommendations for similar organisations will be presented.

Conclusions: The JBI CSRTP has evolved over the last 15 years in order to adapt to developments in the systematic review process, new emerging methodologies, software development and the way in which people learn.