Implementation of Cochrane Brazil Rio de Janeiro - the first Affiliate Centre of Cochrane Brazil Network




Poster session 4 Saturday: Evidence implementation and evaluation


Saturday 16 September 2017 - 12:30 to 14:00


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Fontes LE1, Riera R1, Torloni MR1, Attalah AN1, Latorraca CDOC1, Pachito D1, Mochdece CC1, Fernandes MA1, Guimarães SM1, Machado D1, Silva MP1, Vieira R1
1 Cochrane Brazil, Brazil
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Abstract text
Background: Cochrane have decided to implement networks in large countries around the world and Brazil was the first country to run this new project. Five Affiliate Centres (AC) were created to cover the country's territory.

Objectives: To report our experience in implementing the first AC ever.
Methods: Our AC has a staff of 5 physicians. We've developed an action plan intending to organise steps which were split into three goals:
1.To promote Cochrane and its work.
2.To support and develop the community of Cochrane members in the country, building capacity for review production.
3.To disseminate Cochrane Reviews locally.

Results: According to the goals cited above:
Goal 1. We've announced the launching of the AC extensively on June 2016 by means of e-mail to regional societies of medical specialties, local government health departments, and hospitals, including notes in newspapers.
We organised an Evidence-based Medicine (EBM) Symposium on October 2016, with more than 200 participants.
Goal 2. We intend to promote 2 local Systematic Reviews Workshops/year. The first is scheduled for 28 April 2017 and the second for October 2017.
We've created a discipline and an academic league of EBM at Petrópolis Medical School addressed to undergraduates with the purpose of disseminating EBM and preparing future candidates for Cochrane members. We invited new authors to collaborate with our 4 ongoing SR.
Goal 3. We've started to disseminate the results of about 20 Cochrane SR translating them into Portuguese. We intend to translate at least 3 SR/month. We are also translating the web blog 'Students for Best Evidence'. We intend to stimulate discussions in local community representative organs to encourage new consumers to collaborate with the Cochrane groups. We're working to establish a partnership with media channels to promote our activities, spreading the results of Cochrane SR to the local audience.

Conclusions: Cochrane Brazil and this innovative network are playing an important role in disseminating Cochrane evidence across our country. Our results suggest that this initiative is effective and could transform healthcare policies in Brazil.