Effect of palm oil on obesity




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Wednesday 13 September 2017 - 12:30 to 14:00


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Muhamad NA1, Mustapha N2, Baharin MF3, Abdul Malek M4, Salleh R1, Mohd Zaki NA1, Othman F1, Aris T1
1 Institute for Public Health, Ministry of Health, Malaysia
2 Open University, Malaysia
3 Institute for Medical Research, Ministry of Health, Malaysia
4 Clinical Research Centre, Hospital Kuala Lumpur, Ministry of Health, Malaysia, Malaysia
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Nor Asiah Muhamad

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Background: One of the factors implicated in the development of obesity is dietary practices. Some controversial studies have reported a potential link between palm oil consumption and obesity due to its high palmitic acid content.

Objectives: To determine the association between palm oil intake and obesity.

Methods: A systematic review, according to the Cochrane systematic review methods, was carried out to identify any relevant evidence on palm oil consumption and obesity.

Results: A total of 292 participants were evaluated. From all the included studies, there was insufficient evidence to support the association between palm oil intake and obesity.

Conclusions: There is a lack of direct evidence that evaluated the association of dietary palm oil intake and obesity, hence limiting the conclusions that we can reach. Based on the currently available evidence, there is insufficient evidence to suggest that dietary palm oil intake is a cause of obesity.