Development of an Evidence-Based Nursing Information System in Taiwan




Poster session 4 Saturday: Evidence implementation and evaluation


Saturday 16 September 2017 - 12:30 to 14:00


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Chiang L1, Chou K1, Lin S2, Tai C2, Chuang C2, Wang K1
1 RN., PhD, Taiwan
2 RN., MSN, Taiwan
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Li-Chi Chiang

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Abstract text
Background: Barriers for evidence-based nursing (EBN) practice in Taiwan include the preponderance of English language based literature and the large numbers and types of sources of information. This makes it difficult to identify the best evidence to guide nursing practice. 

Objectives: The project aim is to establish a Chinese language information system that will host evidence-based standards of practice for Taiwan nursing. Key objectives include: establish support for the project; develop the structure and content of an EBN information system; and obtain commitment for support and use of the system in the majority of hospitals in the country.

Methods: Support for the project was obtained through a series of meetings with key stakeholders. Then an EBN taskforce was formed that included EBN experts and other stakeholders. Ongoing meetings were held, and the information system framework was developed. A review of gold standard websites that support evidence-based practice (SIGN, NICE, National Guideline Clearinghouse, and Cochrane system) was used to inform the development of the structure and content of the EBN information system. The finished programme was then introduced at two national workshops and commitments for ongoing support and use were requested.

Results:Widespread support for development of the system was obtained from the legislative educational and service sectors. Taiwan Nurses Association support the budget for this information system. After the system was developed, submission guidelines and review checklists to assure quality were developed. The new system was then introduced to 120 key nursing leaders through two workshops; 88% provided additional input and provided commitment to support continued development and use of the system.

Conclusions: The Evidence-Based Nursing Information System could collect the evidence synthesis and improve the implementation in clinical practice. Currently 20 EBN synthesis articles, 10 EBN application papers, and 5 EBN guidelines have been collected and are under review for inclusion in the system. This system will be made available and be useful for other Chinese-speaking nurses.