Cochrane workshop: Product marketing and management




Poster session 3 Friday: Evidence Tools / Evidence synthesis - creation, publication and updating in the digital age


Friday 15 September 2017 - 12:30 to 14:00


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Pedrosa M1, Silva A2
1 Cochrane Brazil, ATLANTIS CLINICAL LLC, Brazil
2 Cochrane Brazil, Hospital Israelita Albert Einstein, Brazil
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Maurício Pedrosa

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Abstract text
With the arrival of the 21st century and all the connectivity within, we are participating in a historic moment for our society, with the advent of the Internet and means of transport becoming safer and faster, we can be anywhere in the world, connecting to all information available worldwide. For the better dissemination of all information current available, it is necessary to organise the way this information arrives to the costumers, emphasising quality and reliability.
Innovation will always be the word to gain competitive advantage. The Cochrane Collaboration has broken boundaries and requires a different approach to defend its position in the scientific community.
Rentability, is the expected return of an investment discounting costs, rates and inflation. Considering that the workshops are one of the cornerstones to any financial Cochrane Centre why not an attempt for improvement while marketing this product of paramount importance? Unification of certification, for example, would be a differential which would add value, and why not? The Internet has joined centres around the world. A simple link could integrate Cochrane centres around the world for closer relationship to exchange materials, ideas and subjects and why not the creation of a workshop in common?
Is the workshop, which takes place in France, the same that occurs in Brazil? Has this knowledge the same academic support? Is the United Kingdom workshop presented every year? Or would it be every 2 months? These questions are just a few of many others which end up floating over the heads of all members of the Cochrane centres.
Purpose is an invitation to knowledge of the structure of the workshop as well as new proposals in respect to the current workshop model, leading to a structural unification, dissemination and design. All workshops worldwide may have the same weight, academic support and dissemination to all those who seek this product.

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