CADIMA: An Open Access online tool supporting the reporting and conduct of systematic reviews and systematic maps




Long oral session 16: Evidence 2 Practice


Thursday 14 September 2017 - 16:00 to 17:30


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Kohl C1, Unger S1, Haddaway N2, Kecke S1, Wilhelm R1
1 Julius Kühn-Institut, Germany
2 Mistra EviEM, Stockholm Environment Institute, Sweden
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Christian Kohl

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Abstract text
Systematic reviews and systematic maps represent powerful tools to identify, collect, evaluate and summarise primary research pertinent to a specific research question or topic in a highly standardised and reproducible manner. Even though seen as the 'gold standard' when synthesising primary research, systematic reviews and maps are typically resource-intensive and complex activities. Thus, managing the conduct and reporting of such reviews can become a complex and challenging task. Here, we introduce the open-access online tool CADIMA, which was developed in collaboration between the Julius Kühn-Institut and the Collaboration for Environmental Evidence in order to increase the efficiency of the evidence-synthesis process and facilitate reporting of all activities to maximise methodological rigour. Furthermore, we provide an overview of how CADIMA can be used to support review teams during the synthesis process by: 1) guiding review authors through the evidence-synthesis process by providing a step-by-step framework; 2) facilitating remote, digital co-operation between team members; 3) reducing the overall workload by increasing efficiency during conduct; and, 4) facilitating and standardising the documentation of the synthesis process.